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Tommy Z

I started doing weddings in 2006, giving me nearly 18 years of experience. What I learned over the first five years in the industry was that each wedding needed a very balanced blend of class, luxury, and fun.

Once mastered, I knew I wanted to expand and offer couples "on the best day of their lives" an unforgettable reception. I went on the hunt to add to my team Djs who met my standard - being able to perform, entertain, and remain professional at all times. I

won't send a DJ out without: 

  • Top-of-the-line equipment for flawless sound

  • Years of experience 

  • The ability to work a crowd 

  • The ability to entertain 

  • Thorough training 

Between my team and I, we've been delivering flawless 5-star receptions for almost two decades. The last thing you'll get with us - is "just someone to play music."

Best DJ in Green Bay
Best DJ in Wausau
Best DJ in Wisconsin
Best DJ in Fond du lac
Tommy Z
Best DJ in the world


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